HSC also maintains Sandro Biccari’s racing vehicle, a VW Scirocco. Sandro started racing in the classic cars X section in 2008 and has since then moved his way up into the A class, with his amazing lap times and superb car.
         2008                                    2011                                2012
                        The early days before the kit was fitted.
                                                                      2013 to current
                                                     After the Jagermeister kit was fitted.

In Jan 2015 trevor started to build a 2nd vw Scirocco
 and started racing it in May 2015. 

Trevor specializes in the fitment of the Jagermeister kits that fit the Scirocco 

Some of the cars that have had kits fitted by HSC

                 JOHAN SWART'S CAR

                         PAUL AMMANN'S CAR