Founded in 1980 by Colin & Jean Hutchings, Hutchings Service Centre is a family owned and run vehicle servicing centre. Run by brothers, Andrew and Trevor, the company focuses on providing quality parts and excellent service at reasonable rates.

Both brothers started as apprentices, working in the garage under the supervision of their father, Colin Hutchings. Today Trevor is the man in charge of the workshop, overseeing and even personally working on the vehicles bought in. Andrew runs the office and handles all the paperwork and statutory requirements of running a small business.

HSC has been maintaining all types of vehicle (forklifts, cars, luxury SUV’s, trucks, performance cars, etc) for the past 30 years and you will not be able to find two guys better suited to ensuring your Vehicle's well being. If it has an engine, they can most likely fix it.

HSC also looks after the older classics cars that have long been forgotten or that the modern technician doesn't know how to fix. We also do restoration of classic cars

In 2008 HSC  got involved in racing where Trevor's friend Sandro Biccari  started racing in the classic car category and has subsequently worked his way up from X class, as a beginner right up to A class, doing well with a car that not only is fast but reliable under HSC's dedicated care.