In 2008 HSC got involved in motor racing when Trevor's friend Sandro Biccari, started racing in the classic car category and his VW Scirocco was maintained under HSC's dedicated care.

The Racing bug had well and truly bitten and Trevor started racing in 2016, also in the classic car category, with a beautifully prepared VW Scirocco, all the work having being done by Trevor himself.

This was the birth of HSC Racing and little did the brothers know how fast it would grow.

Trevor’s nephew, Nicholas Hutchings started his racing career in 2017, at the age of 15 years, riding in the WPMC Short Circuit Motorcycle Series on a Honda CBR 150. His cousin (and Trevor’s son), Braddon Hutchings started the year thereafter, also on a Honda CBR150. Braddon’s brother followed his father onto the Main Circuit in 2018, also racing in the Classic car category, in his VW Golf MkII.

Whilst continuing to ride their CBR150’s on the Short Circuit, Nicholas and Braddon then also started to compete on the Main Circuit at Killarney, riding KTM RC390 motorcycles in the SSP300 class the following year and in 2023 Nicholas also started to compete in the 650cc motorcycle class, thanks to the generous sponsorship of the use of a motorcycle from Factory Lane Racing.

Not content to let the motorcycle riders have all the fun, Trevor and Layne then acquired a VW Golf MkI and converted this into a Rally X car, which they have used for the past three years to compete at the RallyX circuit at Killarney.

Andrew Hutchings, Trevor’s brother, handles all the maintenance of the Motorcycles, whilst Trevor sticks to the cars. Being multi-talented though, Trevor also does all the painting and spray work for the Cars and Motorcycles.

The team of motorcycle riders has grown over the years to include more than just the two cousins, with friends joining the team and taking advantage of the years of experience that Andrew and Trevor have under their belt, when it comes to fixing and maintaining engines.

There are now 4 x Honda CBR150 motorcycles, 5 x SPP300 motorcycles, 1 x Honda CBR250 and 2 x 650cc motorcycles, all racing in the HSC Colours, along with the 2 x classic and 1 x RallyX cars.

The newest team member is 8 year old Kaylee Donaggi and she will be riding a Yamaha PW50 motorcycle on the Short Circuit next year (2024)

In 2015 trevor started to build a 2nd vw Scirocco  and started racing it in 2016

Trevor specializes in the fitment of the Jagermeister kits that fit the Scirocco 

Some of the cars that have had kits fitted by HSC

                 JOHAN SWART'S CAR

                         PAUL AMMANN'S CAR